Submit a Job Posting

How to Submit a Job Posting

Please email your job posting to including the following information:

Job Title:
Job Posted Date: To be filled in by OMSOC office.
Provide a link to further information on web page or in PDF format

Job Posting Rates Within Canada Outside of Canada
2 Months $350 $475
1 Month $200 $275

A fee of $25 will be charged for any changes or revisions required during the duration of the posting. Please do not pay for a job-post until you have submitted your request to the OMSOC head office and your job has been posted. You can pay here:

1 Month – Within Canada $200.00 | CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE 

2 Months – Within Canada $350.00 | CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

1 Month –  Outside of Canada $275.00 | CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

2 Months –  Outside of Canada $475.00 | CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Please email for questions.